About the Enviropals !

The “” is an entertaining, educational, environmentally science themed 30 minute adventure that chronicles the adventures of “Rae Rae the Red Panda.” Rae Rae leads children ages 4-8 on each thematic episode along with his friends.

During each episode, Rae Rae receives a viewer letter called a “Tree Mail” inviting Rae Rae to visit him at their location corresponding and reinforcing the episode’s theme. Some of the locations that Rae Rae has visited in the past are: wind turbine farms, solar generating stations, hydroelectric dams, fish hatcheries, recycling centers, natural gas power generating stations, tree farms, animal sanctuaries, caves, organic farms, bee hives and many many more. Join us each week and travel with Rae Rae to these and other exciting places. Who knows he might even visit you!

In addition to the Rae Rae Adventure, each episode also has a thematic featured Do And Show Project where Rae Rae demonstrates how to build a new project which viewers can then build at home, and a Critter Connection segment which showcases a specially selected animal from one of our partnering zoos. To round it all out, each episode contains two music videos designed to teach and to have the little people in you house dancing around in front of the TV! We hope you enjoy the show.