1.What is Rae Rae..is he a fox, a raccoon? What is he?

Well, Rae Rae is neither, he is actually a Red Panda. Red Pandas in the wild are found in the mountains of Nepal and northern Myanmar (Burma) and in central China. A full grown Red Panda is about the size of the average house cat and weighs between 10-20 pounds. The Red Panda’s primary diet in the wild is bamboo leaves but they will also eat fruit, acorns, roots, and eggs. They spend most of their lives living up in the trees and search for food at night and during the early hours of dusk and dawn.

2.Where does Rae Rae live?

Rae Rae lives (along with 16 of his closest animal friends) in the House Tree in the magical land of “Naturia.”  Naturia is a perfect place designed by Mother Nature herself. It’s a place where all animals are welcome, there is no pollution, and living a GREEN sustainable way of life that is completely in harmony with nature is the most important thing!

3.How did Rae Rae end up living in Naturia?

Well, when Rae Rae was just a little Red Panda, just beginning to live life on his own, the bamboo forest he lived in was being overtaken by developers looking to harvest the bamboo trees. Rae Rae and quite a few of his friends were rescued by Safari Stan and Safari Sue and brought to Nauria to live where they would be protected from the outside world.

4. What is the House Tree?

The House Tree is a completely self sufficient living space created by Mother Nature that Rae Rae and his friends live in. The House Tree is equipped with a natural windmill, solar panels,and a water wheel. All power for the house tree is generated by these three main renewable energy sources. You could say that the House Tree is the ultimate GREEN home!

5.Where can I watch the ?

You can watch the on your local PBS station. If the is not carried by you local PBS affiliate you can simply contact the local PBS station and request that they air the on you local station. If you have difficulty locating this station please drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

6.Who produces the ?

The is produced by Shooting Star Educational Television a non-profit (501) c-3 organization whose principle members are all active classroom teachers. Their primary goal is to educate young viewers in the areas of ecology, science,biology, innovative technology, conservation and stewardship. The Enviropals! is a proactive approach designed for the k-5 audience  covering topics such as: conservation, alternative energy sources, recycling, respect for all nature and much more. The series serves to inspire and most importantly empower the viewers to do things in their own life. Instilling these practices at a young age will pay great dividends toward an understanding and the important role of global stewardship. The future of tomorrow’s  world begins with the youth of today.